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Why I can't play this on my window 10 ?


I played the demo and like it soooo much!!!

I always had the idea of the story line so I'm really happy that someone made it.

I'm so exited for but I'm wondering when will it release and will it be free or not.

Thank you for the work you are doing I really liked the quality of the game, the storyline


Good luck in making it ^^ I will wait till the day it's released .


Will this game be free when it is finished or will it be pay to play?

i second this question

Great game!! Can't wait to play more.

Love is an open dooooooooooor, i am so sorry.

I loved it! The art was amazing and the story was great! I can't wait for the different routes and what it has in store! Milo and Jin are the ones winning my heart! I like that the characters each have a totally different personality! I truly enjoyed playing it on my iPad and I hope I can continue this awesome story!

Ikr they are so cute!.Hi i am new to anime and mangas since i just started this month but i am loving them already.


Loved it!!!! I can't wait for the next chapter! Genius subject, a dream come true! A girl's dream!


I so agree! But hey do any of you guys know how to download the real game for free?


If you are talking about the full game then it's not released yet , they are still working on it


This is a beautiful game so far and I'm excited to see the finished product. I supported y'all on KickStarter the other day so now I simply and eagerly await the next update to the game! Keep up the good work and I can't wait to find out which one of these boys is my favorite lol. BTW thank you so freaking much for finally doing what the world has wanted since the first Otome game was created.

When are you going to publish the next chap ?? I looooove this game

We are currently running a KickStarter in order to fund development for the rest of the game:

Go to the KickStarter

We hope to release routes 2 at a time, starting late 2016 early 2017. Our goal is to keep the quality as high as possible so that it will be worth the wait!


Ahhhh someone finally did it! I've been thinking about this kind of story line and you guys have made a great start on it! Loving it so far, Milo took my heart while breaking it. ; - ; Also I suggest linking your Kickstarter here on the page for people. \o/

Thanks so much! We will definitely add a KS link on here!

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